Book to Share: The Kate in Between by Claire Swinarski

Twelve is a hard age. Your body is changing, your thought processes are changing–maybe the world isn’t changing any more than it used to, but you’re noticing it now. I clearly remember spending the year I was twelve in a sort of survival mode. I desperately wanted to stay the same. My friends had no such intentions. 

When I read The Kate in Between, by Claire Swinarski, I immediately found 12-year-old myself on its pages: not in Kate, the main character, but in her erstwhile best friend Haddie–the clueless but confident kid who wears weird clothes and reads tons of books and has passionate interests and isn’t troubled about fitting in as long as she has a best friend by her side. I may have been more subdued than Haddie, but boy could I feel her pain when Kate decided that a lifelong friendship wasn’t as important as fitting in with the popular crowd.

Here’s where the magic of good writing came in. Because the story is Kate’s, not Haddie’s. So I got to follow Kate–see Kate’s intentions, Kate’s rationale, Kate’s hurts. Far from being so stuck in the POV of the character like myself, I found myself cheering on one very unlike myself. This book does an incredible job of showing the reader how most of us really are somewhere “in between.” Kate is first lauded as a hero when she saves Haddie’s life, but she knows the reality is that her actions may have landed Haddie in danger in the first place. When the truth comes out, she’s reviled as a bully–but that isn’t 100% true either. Following Kate’s narration and thoughts throughout the story gives a dramatic bird’s-eye view of the wibbly-wobbly mess and wonder that is being human and being a friend–and, especially, that is being twelve. 

This is a must-read for all my kids–it will go on the shelf with Shannon Hale’s Real Friends as a textbook for navigating tween friendships. Like Hale’s book, it’s also very funny and a pleasure to read. Also like Hale’s book, it’s one of the rare middle grade stories that portrays faith in a way that is at once background to the story and intrinsic to who the characters are–and I love that.

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7 thoughts on “Book to Share: The Kate in Between by Claire Swinarski

  1. I was halfway through your review when I knew I needed to add this one to my future read list. You made excellent points throughout. There will be many young readers who will find similarities in themselves and the situations presented. Thanks for featuring on today’s MMGM.


  2. I’m sure I’d find myself somewhere in this story — I wasn’t in the popular group. And all I wanted was just one friend, like Haddie. So this book would be a fun book to read. Thank you for sharing it today!

    I remember being 12 and it was like being thrust into a new world. I left the protection of elementary school and entered 7th grade — junior high then. And, that was the fall JFK was shot. It made me more aware of the world.


  3. I’ve seen this book around, and it seemed somewhat similar to other MG novels, but your impactful review makes me think it might actually be a uniquely well-written story! I love that it lets you relate to a character you’re nothing like—I suspect I lean more toward the Haddie side of things than the Kate side (and I imagine I’m not the only one). So the fact that I’m still interested in reading it is a good sign! Thanks so much for the great review!


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