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Essential Reading: The Classics (Find Your Niche.)

I just discovered a fascinating blogging meme hosted by Briana at Pages Unbound, called “Classic Remarks.” Each week Briana posts a question and invites other bloggers to share their thoughts. She has some really thought-provoking questions, so I’m happy to jump in! This week’s question: What advice would you give someone hesitant to read classics?Continue reading “Essential Reading: The Classics (Find Your Niche.)”

“I’d like to add some beauty to life.”

Anne Shirley Blythe, in Anne’s House of Dreams
by L. M. Montgomery

Anne Shirley Blythe is my hero, my literary mentor, and the inspiration for this site.

Creativity and living with passion contribute endless beauty to the world. This site is about celebrating art and artists of all kinds and the beauty of everyday life lived purposefully.

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